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Open Mic Night in Hull on 09/04/14



Come and have your say at Truthjuice Hull Open Mic Night!!

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  1. Chris

    Another interesting and entertaining evening at Hull TruthJuice last night with the first Open Mic night.
    With a wide range of topics, the informed speakers did not disappoint. A sense of sharing permeated the room as each person took to the stage and spoke from the heart during their allotted 15mins, much to the appreciation of the audience.
    Paddy kicked off with the issue of Fracking in the region and insightfully if not prophetic (see link) about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccinations;
    After the accompanying HTJ “phantom bag rustler” had finally settled down, Paul stepped up and recounted his enlightening spiritual journey of exploration, both physical and cerebral, mentioning diverse yet complimentary subjects as Addictive Control, Jesuits, Jung and “the dark night of the soul”.
    Here is an interpretation of the latter;
    Next was Joanne with a well informed account of her experiences with EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) that told of blockages in the body’s organs, caused by negative thoughts, being alleviated by tapping corresponding points on the body surface, along the meridian lines.
    Joanne talked about the powerful effect the mind has on our health and urged people to let go of negative thinking that can impact on their actions, activities and health.
    The mind and physical health, this may be useful;
    Andy then gave a 15minute break down of the comprehensive “NO!” to “Smart” Meters! info sheet handed out at the beginning of the evening. His talk included the negative health effects experienced by users, from melatonin imbalance to possible carcinogenic effects akin to that of lead, DDT and mercury.
    This link, with interesting comments, may be helpful regarding insomnia;
    With a Brandesque style (could have just been the lighting though 🙂 ) Barnaby took us on a warp factor voyage through the conspiracy cosmos, non-judgementally interjecting with poignant questioning and hinting about a possible “agenda” regarding the “the new Messiahs”.
    And others such as, “Why do we have a fear of being great?” “Is Conspiracy just fascinating entertainment?” and “What is the point of Icke, Jones, Brand etc.” i.e. “Is there a controlled opposition to keep us in the Rabbit Hole?”.
    He also mentioned the health effects of “carrying oppressive energy” which can come with exploring ourselves and the multi-dimensional world in which we live.
    Jack spoke last, about his trip in Peru and the wave of higher consciousness he surfed upon and is still enjoying. The Brand encounter was particularly amusing but undoubtedly took courage. He read out his post trip writings which had a poetic feel and a second hearing certainly wouldn’t go amiss. Although cognitively uncomfortable, the Death Row/love analogy was thought provoking.
    The Q&A that followed each speaker goes along way to creating a feeling of inclusiveness, nice one.
    Thanks to Catherine, crew, speakers and all for an enjoyable and stimulating evening at
    Hull TruthJuice.

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