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Kate Simpson and Sarah Goodley in Hull on 07/05/14

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What is Epigenetics and how does it affect our health and our lives? How can an early life experience, even in the foetus, affect us for decades to come? What impact is the Government agenda to medicalise birth having on maternal/infant bonding and Epigenetics?

All this and more will be discussed by Kate and Sarah.

Kate Simpson (Msc, BSc Hons Midwifery) will present a talk discussing the dismantling of Midwifery one to one care and it’s effects on birthing women. She shall take a closer look at the closures of Midwifery Led Units, pending eradication of Independent Midwives and its impact on the choices available on the birthing community. Kate will then discuss the impact of these Government Agendas on the ability to birth successfully with minimal intervention in our current maternity climate.

Sarah (MA Counselling Young Adults and Children) Dip (Adult Counsellling) will discuss the assault on our Epigenetics, the fastest moving field in Biology today. She will look at how secure maternal/infant attachment is necessary to heal and prevent damage of our genome.

Kate and Sarah are the founders and Co-Directors of http://birth4life.co.uk/about-us/

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