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Pat Nightingale in Hull on 26/03/14

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Pat Nightingale is an advanced hypnotherapist, crystal therapist and healer. She runs her own client consultations, group therapy, workshops and lectures.

At Truthjuice Hull she will share with the audience her extensive research on the conscious and unconscious mind and how u…sing hypnosis, we can take charge of our own health and lives.

Pat states:
“First and foremost I am passionate about health…….. mine and everyone else’s! This passion came about because of a personal event in my own life; and my thirst for wanting to understand that event led me having to understand what was going on in my mind.

At Truth Juice in Hull I will be talking about the different levels of the human mind, the functions of each part, and how your life can be improved by accessing the vast amount of knowledge it contains. I will also give three ways of how to achieve this.

Given everything that is happening to and around us, there are very few people walking around without an issue or two! For examples:- Addictions – unwanted behavioural/ personality traits, and illness – money issues.

Over the past 15 years my research in this field has led me to much information, and I have acquired many skills; meaning that the clients in my practice all benefit. And modern technology means that I can, and do, work with clients all over the world.

There is overwhelming evidence that our minds, via our unconscious thought patterns, create our reality. So one last word from me…………….. “Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the problem persists”

Pat’s website is http://www.patnightingale.com/hypnosis-4.php


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