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Tony Sayers in Hull on 14/06/17


Tony Sayers: Discussing the Chakras and More

Humanity is locked down and tied up, not just through physical control, but emotional, mental, and spiritual.

What are the reasons? And how do we escape the clutches of evil?

On my journey and discovery for truth I have come across new groundbreaking information that the ‘New Age’ fake false white light appears to run a whole lot deeper than just ‘accept everything negative’ or ‘never get angry’. It goes much much deeper to the point which will shock many as it did myself.

Could it be that our very own chakra system is part of the manipulation?

These beautiful spinning vortexes we have come to know and love
(myself included)……could it be that they are somehow artificial and
are being used to keep us locked into fear and negativity, allowing
entities to feed from our low vibrations?

I will break down what I know which goes much deeper than just the chakras.

All I ask is you turn up with an open mind and listen with an open heart.

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