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In 2 infinity in Hull on 26/07/17

Truth Juice Hull Presents in 2 Infinity Talk: ‘Time and Waves’

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is a common, accepted model within the minds of the public. It describes the idea that light travels from A to B. This conclusion came from a thought experiment, where Einstein imagined himself travelling on a beam of light at a predetermined speed. Consequently, he qualified time as the movement of an object from A to B relative to the motion of the observer.

However, Eastern Mystics pronounce a different model of time, where the present moment is always constant. Instead, time passes through a wheel of karma. The moment arises and we act or re-act in accordance with the situation.

In this presentation, we detail the intricacies of both schools of thought through the perspective of metaphysics. By comprehending these different perspectives on time and qualifying the experiments on time travel, we can create a new definition of time.

How does the past, present and future actually work to create a shared reality experience?

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