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Dr Rock in Hull on 11/01/17

Consent and Responsibility- Holding ‘authority’ to account.

dr rock hull

It is recognised by Government and by the law that the men and women of the United Kingdom are governed by consent. This presentation examines where and how consent is given, and some of the techniques that have been successfully used to withdraw such consent.

Dr Rock is an independent researcher with a lifelong interest in
ancient cultures, vanished civilisations and old knowledge.

His Healing History presentations use a wide range of illustrations to cast an engaging and colourful light on the skills of our ancestors. From the birth of the Earth to the Age of Prophecy, Dr Rock makes clear connections between the genius of the earlier ages and contemporary ideas whilst questioning the modern interpretation of Humanity’s past.

These presentations aim to investigate, celebrate and propagate the
genius of the ancestors, and to encourage a confident and resilient
approach to our future.

Healing History: engage with the past, inform the present, celebrate the future.

Dr Rock’s Radio Show, Thursdays 9-11 UK time
Live internet chat radio at https://raconteursnews.com/

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