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Ian Puddick in Hull on 10/02/16

ian puddick picPresenting Ian Puddick : Corruption and the City of London Police

‘Possibly the most blatant example of institutionalized police corruption that you will ever witness…..’

Chris Plumley-Channel 4 Dispatches Correspondent.

Ian Puddick – City of London Police Counter Terrorism spent over £1,500,000.00 on Operation Bohan. The objective was to close and censor my website www.policeexpenses.co.uk the C/Terror Police classified my website as a ‘Hate Website’ initially but then went on to use the Harassment Act to try and get it removed.

Counter Terror Police raided my home, Murder Squad Detectives raided my office and the Major Financial Crimes Directorate raided my company accountants. I publicised this abuse of Power on my site.

Sgt John Ellis brutalized me in custody, when I complained the officers never denied this they just all said they could not remember, the cctv footage was wiped. When the IPCC checked the internal door locks at the police station the data corroborated my story. Sgt Ellis recovered from his amnesia and stated he found Crack Cocaine in my home and wanted to interview me……..

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