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Gayzer Frackman in Hull on 24/02/16

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Stopping Fracking at any Price!

What is so bad about fracking that It drove a children’s entertainer to become a full time community campaigner against Fracking.

Success breeds success and it has come at a heavy cost; work,marriage, home but a price I am willing to pay to keep my home of Great Britain safe and give our children a fighting chance of a clean future!

The story so far of how we have managed to cost Lord Browne’s Cuadrilla (who are backed by British Gas) over £200m and still no gas flows!

If I can do it so can you!

Gayzer of Lancashire ♥

Gayzer along with other groups and individuals has been campaigning tirelessly with the good people of Lancashire to bring an end to fracking once and for all. He will be giving an update as to what’s happening in Lancashire and how the experiences there can help us here.

The key to defeating this industry is together sharing knowledge and empowering each other.

In Yorkshire we have Rathlin Oil and Gas UK Ltd to stop.

Please come along on the evening to learn more about the process and how we can all play a part in bringing this to an end…….not just in Yorkshire and Lancashire but the UK wide.

Truth Juice Hull ♥

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