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Todd Acamesis in Hull on 09/09/15

todd acamesis picTRUTH JUICE HULL PRESENTS – Todd Acamesis – Learn the Signs of Synchronicity

Entrance – £3 unwaged £5 waged (pay on the door)

Learn the Signs of Synchronicity – and Follow the Breadcrumb Trail Back to Who and What You Really Are!

You’ve been programed to believe you are a solitary being in a solitary body in a solitary world in a solitary Universe. But Who and What You Really Are is infinitely more fun and exciting than that!

As a self-taught student of consciousness exploration, I’ve learned and applied many methodologies over the course of my lifetime for gaining insights into Who and What We Really Are.

However, my all time favourite way to explore consciousness; especially with groups – is through Synchronicity…

A creative cosmic energy that has the power to tune you into the moment – and remind you that beneath the surface of your everyday life, there’s an underlying force that binds ‘The All That Is’ together.

Living in London, I regularly organise Synchronicity Walks for demonstrating the raw power of Synchronicity to the uninitiated.

I advertise the walks in the windows of London’s alternative cafes, bookshops, and spiritual hangouts with date, time and location…

Take a spontaneous walk across London with your subconscious as your guide – and be open to having your path nudged at just the right moments to experience powerful synchronicities:

• Experience timely meetings with complete “strangers””
• Be in the right place at the right time to witness the miraculous
• Discover “hidden” realities that lead to delightful surprises
• Encounter magic around every corner, twist and turn

When people show up on the night to the designated meeting point, I quickly explain that there is no formal plan for the walk, and that there are only 5 basic guidelines to follow for experiencing Synchronicities 1) we roll dice at all crossroads leaving the direction of the walk to “chance” 2) let go of any need to control the outcome 3) trust your intuition 4) never second guess your intuition and 5) be open to experiencing Synchronicities

And just before setting off on the trail of Synchronicity, I like to offer these comforting words – “to date, I’ve never gotten a group arrested for any synchronistic shenanigans that take place during a walk… yet”, said with a cosmic wink and a smile

What happens on these walks when people courageously trust to follow this guidance is nothing less than extraordinary!

Below is an excerpt from my Synchronicity Journal detailing the back-to-back synchronicities that occur during these walks…

“At the start of tonight’s walk, we rolled the dice and got the number 4 as our group number. Ten minutes into the walk, we rolled the dice again and got a second occurrence of the number four. We then realised we were standing next to the number 4 bus stop, so I suggested we get on the next bus. The moment I made the suggestion, the number 4 bus rounded the corner in true synchronistic style. Moments after boarding the bus, it began to rain, so another perfectly timed synchronicity ensured we stayed high and dry. Once seated on the bus, we rolled the dice to ask the Universe how many stops we should go before getting off the bus…we rolled the number 9. So fully trusting the signs of Synchronicity, we waited nine stops before alerting the driver to stop the bus. As a reward for our courage to trust our guidance, the very moment we stepped off the bus, the rain came to a complete and sudden stop, so yet another timely synchronicity. But what happened next, left everyone with jaws wide open. Plastered on a wall facing us as we got off the bus was a sign that read – “Wait here for further instructions!”

My upcoming talk for TruthJuice, will be just like one of my Synchronicity Walks. Full of inspirational twists and turns with lots of magic – but without all the walking!

Talk Summary

You are not a solitary being in a solitary body in a solitary world in a solitary Universe. You are a multidimensional being with multidimensional consciousness in a multidimensional Universe.

This is your true nature, your heritage. Any doubt that this is so, is due to a lifetime of social conditioning, religious abuse, system wide mind control and learned apathy. All designed to make you forget Who and What You Really Are.

In this talk, I’ll share deep insights on how to trigger extraordinary occurrences of Synchronicity in your everyday life that will help you better navigate the drama of the mortal world…

Because the most effective way to navigate this human world is to remember – you are not exclusively of this world!

Additionally, to thoroughly cover the nature of Synchronicity, I will also share a model of reality that will take your understanding of the multidimensional Universe, the ‘Earth-Life-System’ and the ‘Human Experience’ to the leading edge of what’s been discovered by modern pioneers in the field of out-of-body exploration… be prepared to walk away from this deep discussion forever changed.

And finally, to make this a truly unforgettable experience, …

During the talk, to help free your mind, several copper meditation pyramids will be constructed around the room with PandoraStar Deep Meditation Machines suspended from inside each of them.
And as I talk, you are welcome to go in and out from under the pyramids and enjoy a free demo of PandoraStar.
During the demo session, PandoraStar guides you on a journey through self-created hallucinogenic imagery, “personal art”, of indescribable pattern and beauty, creating a deep sense of oneness and joy – “The PandoraStar Effect”.

For more info on PandoraStar, visit: www.pandorastar.co.uk

Want to learn more about Todd?

Watch these short video clips to see him in action…

Synchronicity Hitchhiking Trip:

Crazy meditation stunt brings stillness to busy London streets:

Free lunchtime Lucid Dreaming:

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