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Nicholas Kollerstrom in Hull on 15/07/15

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There is a taboo about investigating what happened at Auschwitz during WW2. It has become a symbol and focus of ‘evil’, as told in innumerable Hollywood movies. We are indoctrinated on this topic, but not taught.
Should we really still believe British WW2 atrocity propaganda 70 years after the war is over?
Is there such a thing as forbidden knowledge, or are we allowed to talk about it?
Nicholas was a guest on Red Ice Radio earlier this year
Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD, is an English author, historian of science, and political activist. He was an honorary member of staff at University College London (UCL) for 11 years. Dr. Kollerstrom has always had an interest in Hermetic-alchemical issues and is presently managing New Alchemy Press. He is the author of several articles and books.
He joins us at Truthjuice Hull to speak about his latest publication, Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust Myth and Reality.
Entrance on the door.. £5 waged £3 unwaged.

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