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Phil Medley in Hull on 16/07/14





Phil has made many journeys to Egypt with different spiritual groups, and made some stunning discoveries including his own past lives and the real reasons for the temples and statues of Egypt.  What suppressed knowledge that has been kept hidden from us Phil will reveal his knowledge what will it be??? Are we all expected to simply believe that people really just came out of the desert and built massive stone structures many of which survive to the present day?

This is a detailed investigation into the builders of the ancient world, showing the fantastic structures built with technology way beyond present day knowledge.

Phil has travelled all over the world and observed and documented many ancient buildings we take for granted and will show with stunning pictures and video footage that the architects of these buildings all over the world were using the same advanced technology.

Phil’s talks are always fascinating and at times mind blowing and this will be no exception with incredible detailed rare information.

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