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Joanne Lomax in Hull on 13/08/14





Mainstream medicine has a grip on: what is taught to the medical profession, what can be determined as approved for use and the production of scientific reports that determine behaviours within that industry.  Could it be that the fact that those who own the Big Pharma also have a tremendous influence on all of this means that there is a bias towards pushing their own solutions?  That it could be in their best interest to discredit and ridicule healing therapies that cannot be patented or controlled?

Many people want to believe these organisations genuinely care about people but when so many people (therapists and patients/clients) are making incredible claims about how natural therapies and energy healing is changing lives for the better; surely this warrants an open minded look and consideration!.

Jo Lomax – EFT Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Aroma Therapist & Life Coach.

Jo was a senior director at an international company and when in this role she knew that something just did not fit.  Although society would class her progress as successful she felt at the core that there is something more to this life experience and she left her career behind to pursue a vocation to help others heal.

She attended the first of many courses in Hypnotherapy over 8 years ago and this ignited a curiosity in a variety of healing modalities and to develop a greater level of understanding about if/why they work.

Jo said: “One of the most prominent things that I have established in researching this is that EVERYTHING in the entire universe is ENERGY.   When looking at quantum physics and the behaviour of atoms linked to consciousness and energy provides a balanced scientific explanation of energy healing that is worth considering.

Energy healing techniques have been used by intelligent cultures for thousands of years but in the past few hundred years western medicine can typically place these therapies into the realm of mysticism and myth.

It is crucial to understand that our thoughts create energy (emotions) that manifest in our physical bodies.  Positive thoughts such as love, joy, enthusiasm resonate at a higher vibration and negative thoughts like fear, anger, and frustration resonate at a lower vibration.  Understanding how these energies impact our health can lead to what seem miraculous improvements when we learn to release the lower vibrational energies/emotions and to hold higher vibrations instead.”

Jo will talk about the impact of these energies on our physical and emotional health providing an insight into how the brain responds to these energies, triggering a multitude of responses in the physical and emotional state of a human being.

Her talk will take a high level look at:

  • How higher & lower vibrational energy /emotions cause a sub conscious physical process to be activated in reptilian, mid & higher cortex parts of the brain.
  • The link with emotions and DNA and how cells in the body will move away from or towards energy that is instigated by our thoughts and beliefs and the impact on health.
  • How the human heart is 5000 times more magnetic than any other organ in the body and how our emotions/energy emanates from the heart and entangles with other being’s energy and influences / is influenced by this entanglement.
  • A demonstration of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to show how someone can turn down their own pain without any chemical/pharmaceutical solutions.


Another fascinating talk at Truthjuice Hull.

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