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Truthjuice Dave in Hull on 31/07/13



Media Mind Manipulation And The Spiritual War On Humanity

An evening of well presented exceptionally informative information by “TruthJuice Dave”.

Dave is one of the main organisers of TruthJuice Liverpool.  He has been researching the esoterical since 2008 and has particularly looked into the “entertainment” business along with the marketing techniques of multi-national companies. The manipulation of energies and programming techniques of TV, films, advertising, music and entertainment. A large part of which is the subliminal programming of the human race. He has uncovered NLP hypnotic and base motivations that the PTB use on the human family. There is a spiritual war on against humanity, we should not be on the battlefield when we have no idea of the weapons that are used against us.

Dave will make you aware of some of these weapons so you are able to at least recognise them and defend yourselves against them. This presentation comes very highly recommended. Don’t miss it.

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