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Steve Molyneux in Hull on 25/09/13

steve molyneux

Happiness and the Achievement of it!

“How we create our own Reality and what it means”.

I consider myself to be a Wholistic, Spiritual, Philosopher, speaker and writer. I spell Wholistic with a “w” because it is Whole and complete, rather than holy which is full of holes and incomplete? My aims are to learn, The Meaning of Life, God, Creation, the Universe and all that stuff, to Realise what I have learned by doing it, and telling those who are interested in what I have learned, my experiences, what I Know, understand and why.

To me there is only one Truth, but there are many different ways of explaining this one Truth. That is why I am interested in Creation, consciousness, subconsciousness, evolution, physics, religions, Spiritual Philosophies from ancient history to the present day, and why I went regularly to the Truthjuice meetings in Llangollen and Corwen
Rather than be LIE eve what I say and live a lie, I want people to Think about what I have said and decide for themselves if it makes sense to them and if it is True. Then they can live their Truth, instead of someone else’s’ lies. By Thinking positively about anything, we raise the consciousness of mankind and ourselves. Eventually, because Heaven is a state of mind rather than a place, and we each create our own Reality, we will be able to live in Heaven, here on Earth?

If you are interested in what I have to say, you can download a copy of The Ameril Philosophy from www.ameril.net, print it out, read it and decide for yourself it is True.

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