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Truthjuice Dave in Hull on 13/03/13 – DATE CHANGE

PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE NOW 13/03/13question authority


Tonight’s speaker has gained vast experience with questioning authority in many different ways. Please come along to learn how you too can question ‘authority’!
Truth Juice Dave has been challenging the so called authorities since he has come across this information, just to see and test if it had any credence, since then he has uncovered for his own mind that this construct is ingeniously and meticulously put together. This system is corrupt to the core, court houses are not what they appear to be, the police (not all police) are in his experience liars and do not follow their oaths of office. There are many different courts and jurisdictions and you should know that it’s by consent you attend these courts. Who are you? And why are you here? To live your lives free? Or to be a slave to the system? Its time you found out for yourselves!

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