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Gary:of the Craven Family in Hull on 30/01/13


A talk by Gary:of the Craven Family on Debt and Bailiff Issues

This talk and presentation will help you understand how YOU, can deal lawfully, with any issues you may have regarding debt/bailiffs, and the stress/fear it causes.

Please bring your letters with you, advice and help can be sought on the night, and will result in ongoing support.

Dealing with Bailiffs/Debt Collectors!
Having problems with Bailiffs/Debt Collectors? Worried, stressed, feeling threatened? Don’t be, I will show you how to rid yourself of these disgusting parasites in one easy step.

I will show you the power YOU have in dealing with these people.

We will help and support you if you’re not sure what to do. It will never cost you a penny.
Gary: of the Craven Family

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