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Welcome to TruthJuice Hull


Truth Juice Hull – Fortnightly presentations on a wide range of intriguing subjects and alternative perspectives; of the kind not usually dealt with by the everyday channels of the mainstream media.

We provide a platform for thought provoking talks from a range of researchers, inventors, teachers, writers and freethinkers – focusing on positive solutions and ways of seeing the world.  With talks looking into areas including – economics, law, sustainability, grass roots activism, alternative lifestyles, ways of enriching our mental, physical or spiritual health and wellbeing – and much more besides.

Truth Juice events hope to inform, inspire and entertain, as well as provide a place to meet with and talk to like minded people.

Walton Street Club

234 Walton Street



Doors open 7pm start time 7.30pm

£5 Waged/ £3 Un-Waged / Donation / or whatever you can manage even if that is nothing.
Truth Juice Hull is NON-PROFIT making and all extra door monies go to a local charity or good cause.
The venue is FREE. Lack of money will never be an issue with attending the talks. (CONTACT TJ HULL AND BE ADDED TO THE MAILING LIST)

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