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Open Mic Night in Hull on 27/04/17

Due to unforeseen circumstances the open mic night has been re-arranged to 27th April.  

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Truth Juice Hull are happy to welcome 3 fantastic local speakers to the evening…….

Colin Worral

Colin made the mistake of standing in his area of Hull to be a Councillor for Bransholme, West Hull.

His first time was with Ukip, which he had to shut down because they would not tackle the fraud occuring in Hull. He was then blocked from rejoining Ukip Hull because he exposed all the bullying the MEPs in the Hull area were involved in just to keep their gravy train going.

He then joined Yorkshire First same area as a Councillor again, and once more witnessed corruption which Colin reported to police. the electoral commission and the labour council to register his disgust at the amount offraud during elections. They suddenly didn’t want him in their party.

This all started when he noticed £320 million missing from Hull City Council coffers.

When he asked questions he received several police visits and
a trip to court for a years private injunction for trying to arrest Hull MP Karl Turner .

A lot has happened in between now and then which has made him realise how conned we are all getting by the local Councillors and all 3 of Hull’s MP’s.

Colin is banned from attending various meetings around Hull now because of this.

Colin will be revealing all at Truth Juice Hull.

Robert Eunson Performance Poet / Singer Songwriter. Based Hull.

Wild free youth hitch hiked France,Spain and Tangiers aged 14/15 years old. Drug conviction and nervous breakdown aged 16 .

Rock singer at 17. 19 years old Birmingham reclusive compulsive burglar got 6 months Detention centre. Singer/writer Punk Rock band Dead Finger’s Talk 1978 Album produced by Mick Ronson.. Lived in London. Pottery teacher 20 years and some performance Art. 1985 Marriage to Japanese Dominatrix. 2002 travelled to Japan/Thailand.

2013 Hull Truck Theatre writing course wrote musical Anarchy dada. Now retired full time writer and spoken word artist/singer/ writer/performer with Rock theatre group Anarchy Dada. Having performed at many open mics/guest spots in the UK.

Robert will be preforming spoken word and poetry for us.

Tracey Özdemir

Passionate campaigner Tracey Özdemir – AKA Dolphin Lady – has set up ‘Media on Taiji’ to raise awareness of the dolphins that are destroyed in the town from September to March as part of an annual hunt.

The group has so far amassed more than 4,000 members worldwide but the 49-year-old from Greenwood Avenue, north Hull wants to make more people in Hull aware of what is going on in Japan.

“I want to reach out to those that are unaware,” she said. “I am Hull born and bred and as it’s the City of Culture I said let’s bring it to my hometown and make people here aware of what is going on.

“We see things about Cecil the Lion, rhinos and elephants but dolphins are at risk as well. What we are doing to dolphins is unthinkable.

The grandmother-of-one says during the hunts in Taiji, “good-looking” dolphins are chosen for a life in captivity and the rest are brutally slaughtered.

Two years ago, she launched a children’s book titled ‘Do You Promise Not to Buy a Ticket?’ which tells of the plight of captive dolphins.

She said: “I think that educating children is important and we need to make them aware of what is going in Taiji. People said don’t do a children’s book on slaughter but I did it anyway and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group were thrilled about it.”

Mrs Özdemir first became inspired to save the dolphins when she went to a marine park and zoo as a seven-year-old.

After the success of a recent candle lit vigil on the marina in Hull, Mrs Özdemir, who received support from Paul O’Grady and Joanna Lumley when she launched her first book, now wants to organise a one-day festival in Humber Street in June later this year.

She is hoping that Queen guitarist, Brian May, who has previously condemned the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, will attend the event as she also plans to launch her second children’s book later this year.

Mrs Özdemir said: “We’re hoping to take over the whole of Humber Street and we want to bring animal welfare and environmental organisations to take to the stage for the dolphins on that day.”

Tracey will be with us on the evening to make us aware of the plight of the Dolphins.

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