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Truthjuice Hull Social Event in Kingston upon Hull on 06/05/16



This is Truth Juice Hull’s second social event. You are cordially invited to this evening spectacular which will include a buffet put on by the lovely Claire (the landladies mum). Karaoke will also be hosted by the amazing Bob. And as always Emma and Jason who run the Ship Inn are ready to welcome you to an enjoyable and unforgettable evening.

The event is free and is a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better in a social setting.

Truth Juice Hull are also in the process of booking speakers. This is being carefully considered and is a reflection of feedback received in the past few weeks.

The topics will be wide ranging, practical and useful in the way they offer valuable information and insight.

Hope to see you on the evening!

If anyone would like to put in any song requests for the karaoke please feel free to comment and your name will be passed on with your request.

Love Truth Juice Hull ♥

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