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Lou Castro in Hull on 14/01/16



Lou Casto Hull


Lou Castro: The Dangers of Fracking

and What Went Wrong At West Newton A.

In light of a recent e-mail received from Rathlin Energy UK regarding this presentation Truth Juice Hull are happy to announce that this talk will be repeated. Rathlin Energy have disputed amongst other things that a mini frac never took place. To be fair and balanced and to present both sides Rathlin Energy UK and Connaught Oil & Gas Ltd will be invited to this presentation along with the press.
Please share this event and encourage people to attend.
E-Mail Received from Rathlin Energy UK
Field UK Rathlin Energy UK
To Hull Truth Juice Dec 2 at 9:40 AM
Dear Ms Castro
We are aware of a recent statement circulated under the subject line ‘PRESS RELEASE: THE DANGERS OF FRACKING AND WHAT WENT WRONG AT WEST NEWTON A’ by a group who describe themselves as Hull Truth Juice. As the statement is both false and misleading we wish to make the following statement to confirm the correct position.
1.) Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited has previously, and will again, categorically state that no such mini fall off test (or as you call it a ‘mini frac’) or, indeed, any other test of the Bowland Shale took place in the West Newton A well. The claims made by the protest group are completely false.
2.) Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited has no outstanding Environment Agency compliance issues at this time. The Environment Agency, as statutory consultee on both the recent West Newton B planning application and West Newton A variation application, made no objection to either of these applications. Both applications received unanimous approval from the Minerals Authority (East Riding of Yorkshire Council).
3.) The well drilled and tested at the West Newton A wellsite discovered natural gas. Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited believes this is firm evidence of a potentially significant commercial gas field in the Permian Kirkham Abbey formation. Connaught/Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited have a capital programme planned for the appraisal of this conventional gas discovery.
4.) Any future project for gas production and distribution will be based on the successful results of an appraisal drilling programme and economic analyses and will be subject to the appropriate permits, approvals from all the relevant regulatory authorities
For further information please contact our press office.
Yours sincerely
The Rathlin Energy (UK) Team

Rathlin Energy UK are also disputing the ‘authenticity’ of this video because it is edited. Communities of Holderness Against Onshore Drilling would be more than happy to suppy the full unedited version for their consideration.
In 2014 Rathlin Energy (UK) Limited undertook a Mini-Frac in the Bowland Shale at the well site known as West Newton A; a test which they have subsequently denied doing. We have an indisputable admission that proves they did in fact do it; but why are they trying to say otherwise?
During the test 14 breaches to permits were recorded by the Environment Agency and a temporary well closure had to be made with an on-going investigation by the Health and Safety Executive into dangerous work practice still waiting to be completed over 12 months later.
Connaught, Rathlin’s Canadian parent company, have recently announced they are selling their Canadian assets to focus on the UK. With Rathlin’s only other well site at Crawberry Hill currently undergoing decommissioning and the recent announcement that Rathlin have totally pulled out of Northern Ireland what Connaught really mean is they are going to put all there resources into the area around West Newton.
With planning permission already granted for a second well to be drilled at West Newton A and a further 2 wells to be drilled at West Newton B we know we are going to be at the epicentre of UK gas production and distribution.
Find out what went wrong, how Hull could be affected by what Rathlin and Connaught are doing and what you can do to help in the battle against these dirty drillers.
No Drill No Spill ( Communities of Holderness Against Onshore Drilling).

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