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Magnus Mulliner in Hull on 25/03/15


“Survive or Thrive – It’s your choice”

When we get over ourselves and out of our way, we’ll discover that the sky is NOT the limit. Many were taught it was! Remember if you treated Magnus like you treat yourself on a regular basis you’d be locked up and placed in a safe psychiatric ward!

It’s becoming socially acceptable for people to create a lifestyle around their own labelled pathologies, but in this interactive presentation, you’ll be reminded to surrender and be at peace in the knowing of ongoing incompleteness. We do our best to not let perfection be the enemy of greatness and know that where our intentions go, energies flow.

The big questions are – “How would love respond in this situation?”. “What would love say to you right now?” Only once we are AWAKE and in connection with our inner self can we start to truly become the change we wish to see in ourselves. Our external perceptions and illusions are but a true reflection of what’s going on inside of us.

This exciting presentation will allow you to discover your true maximum potential in each moment and unlock any mindset challenges, which you have been ‘given’ by your social mirror.

You’ll learn about the SIX CORE principles, which when applied will empower you and bring more inner peace and harmony on this inflamed planet.

Releasing Weight, Shame, Guilt and the constant need to gain approval from those in your social environment can be transcended and transform you into what can only be described as your true birthright – a happy, highly profitable, conscious being, who is living their passion and purpose.

If you’d like to discover more about your parental injunctions and that inner egoic child and have more fun, then please grace Magnus et al with your divine presence and be open to the possibility of coming closer to knowing who you truly are, that’s WISDOM.

Sending love and light, Magnus XxxX


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