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Christopher Deojee in Hull on 03/12/14


An experiential back to basics session to bring the importance of Sound to Hull.

With so much distraction and ‘bad’ news around, finding useful or meaningful things to do can be tricky. Here, we explore some true mental healing with some mind re-engineering and experiential sound journeying.

This will Change your Personal State and give tools to take home for keeping a sense of personal sanity, wellbeing and empowerment for an everyday ‘reset’ to help you deal with the ongoing bombardment from an insane media, government and world.

There will be some exciting spelling exploration to bring your mind to life, and some unusual sound play to radically shift personal state, all bundled up in a mentally guided journey by me to weave more new ideas into a short space of time than you can shake a stick at.

So…’compose’ yourself before you ‘de-compose’. Come along to this exciting solution giving night at Truthjuice Hull.

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