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Paul Deighton in Hull on 10/09/14




Welcome to my Truth

I would like to share with you my life changing journey, a 6 year journey which started with a nervous breakdown, quickly followed by depression and culminating in an amazing spiritual awakening! Since my awakening I have researched this subject deeply, my initial findings indicated there where several theories by prominent psychoanalysts and psychotherapists why someone may experience this phenomenon. This phenomenon put simply is a process where the human psyche is given the opportunity to detach the conditioned ego. Mental illness, addictions and childhood trauma are just a few of the reasons why spiritual awakening may occur, and often it is some sort of realisation that is needed to trigger this psychological change, in the case of addictions it may be giving in and seeking help to combat the addiction . A second spiritual experience 14 months after my awakening confirmed all my research and will also talk about that in the 2nd half of my presentation. This presentation will be emotional, passionate, personal and candid and feel its something I have to but also want to do, and if one person gets some benefit it will make me very happy

Hope you can join me on the 10 September

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