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Nigel Mortimer in Hull on 04/06/14

4599332260_426x329NIGEL MORTIMER:


Since 2011, Nigel and his wife Helen have been researching and gathering evidence about their discovery of an inter-dimensional portal – right here in your home county of Yorkshire! What they discovered at an ancient row of standing stones will throw our whole concept of science and the way we see reality into question.

Nigel will bring actual evidence of inter-dimensional portals between our world and ’others‘. None of this is new or entirely unknown. The forces behind governments are actively suppressing this. Certain adepts throughout history were aware of these anomalies. Video & photo evidence is available, as are hints within our landscape. Nigel has investigated UFO phenomena since 1980 after a strange encounter. Nigel is a writer and lecturer and an investigation of UFOs and has developed his psychic abilities to an advanced level.

Don’t miss Nigel’s fascinating and enlightening talk. His website is http://www.openingportals.moonfruit.com/

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