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Andrew Johnson in Hull on 12/03/14


A very informative and detailed presentation by Andrew Johnson

In this presentation we will examine a range of different evidence which seems to show that much of what we were told and shown about the Apollo Moon shot programme was false/fake. We will look at

  • Some aspects of Apollo History

  • Photographic Evidence

  • Video Evidence

  • What some of the Astronauts themselves have said – during and after the Apollo missions

  • New Evidence from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter – LRO

  • Likely motives for the fakery

We will also ask questions such as “how they could possibly have got away with it”. We will consider the current state of the space programme and also mention more recent developments with the Chinese Lunar Rover – Chang’e 3, if time.

Andrew’s exceptional web site www.CheckTheEvidence.com  is full of great information.

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