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Simon Parkes in Hull on 11/09/13

Simon Parkes


” Part 2, All Things Alien”

Earlier this year I spoke at TruthJuice Hull where I shared with the audience my illuminati family history and up-bringing.
I was greatly impressed with the level of awareness and understanding showed by the audience, I was also greatly impressed by the commitment and dedication of the organisers. So when I was asked back I jumped at the chance !
In fact I have been asked by a number of people ” when are we going to get part 2 ?” So as a result I have called my return talk
” Part 2, All Things Alien”
I will share some of my alien experiences, both old and new, I will tell you what was left out of the recent channel 4 documentary I appeared in, I will touch on my visit to a secret military base, go into detail about my Mothers work for Mi5 and the ufo agenda, my experiences of aliens AND Humans working together, I will touch on some of the advanced technologies I have seen and if time permits to look at the importance of the soul. I welcome a Q & A session at the end.

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