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Pippa King in Hull on 17/04/13




Pippa  campaigned from 2005-2012 against schools taking children’s fingerprints for cashless catering and library. Schools were taking kids fingerprints and storing them without telling parents. It becomes law in September this year that schools now have to gain parental permission to take kids fingerprint biometrics.

With the advent of this law, personally I think it will regulate biometric technology our of schools. I think RFID micro chipping children with RFID tags will happen – and it has in a school in Cheshire. http://rfidinschools.com/category/uk/

I strongly believe the larger picture is to go cashless and one chip fits all. (I’m not religious Mark of the Beast and all that but human RFID chip implants have been made and some humans are chipped in some parts of the world.


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